Vasu Health Care
Over 30 years of discovering the science of Nature “It has been known for centuries that nature is the best healer. At Vasu Healthcare we have developed over 500 healthcare and personal care products straight from the womb of nature. For over three decades, it has been our primary mission to combine ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science, to give millions across the world, the gift of good health.
Vasu Healthcare, one of India’s leading and rapidly growing natural healthcare formulations company,has left its mark on the lives of millions. Born from years of in-depth research carried out by a team of healthcare experts and Ayurveda Acharyas, our rich portfolio of ayurvedic and herbal products bring natural wellness to people, everyday. Rooted in the principles of Ayurveda, “Vasu Healthcare”, offers a composite package of not only cure, but prevention as well, without any side effects, just the right effects only.

Our products have enriched the lives of people in India and across the world. They have been carefully formulated to cure chronic as well as general diseases across all the sections of society and thereby providing nourishment naturally.

Today VASU Healthcare is engaged in :
» Patented prescription ayurvedic/herbal formulations of natural origin
» Natural, safe and effective Over The Counter (OTC) health care products
» Natural formulations enriched with Active ingredients