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Shri Ayurved Seva Sadan Group was founded in 1957 by Late Vaidya Shri Gaya Prasad Ji.The Seva Sadan group is presently manufacturing more than 500 Ayurvedic Medicines and preparations.

It has more than 50 patents to its name. The group also manufactures various food and health products.

Shri Ayurved Seva Sadan maintains the ethics of Ayurved & prepares products very sincerely with strict quality control by testing both raw material as well as finished products.
Now a days Seva Sadan is manufacturing all range of Classical Ayurvedic Medicines as Asav Arisht, Churna, Tel, Bati, Pak, Loha Mandoor, Bhasm Pisthi, Ras Rasayan, Ark, Ghrit and Patent Ayurvedic medicines etc. The Seva Sadan is growing day by day and is busy in producing high grade herbal products which are widely used by Vaidhyas and Physicians. Along with classical medicines Seva Sadan is Processing and packing Natural Honey under the Agmark, name and style as Uttrakhand Madhu.

Seva Sadan is well known name for its quality products.

Joint Pain
Viosil Oil
Joint Pain
Viosil Syrup
Viosil Tablets
Natural Honey
Kanak Vasaka
Lukosil Tablets
Lukosil Syrup
Gashar Churan
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle, general weakness, menstrual problems, infertility, menopause
Amrit Sundari
Amrit Jeevan, General debility, weak immunity, poor digestion, cardiac tonic
Amrit Jeevan
arshasav. Piles, hemorrhoids, constipation, Liver related complications
Shakti Sangraha,
Shakti Sangraha
General debility, loss of appetite, indigestion, weak immunity
Amrit Yuva
Bal Madhu
Bal Madhu
Iron deficiency, Anemia, Indigestion and Loss of appetite
Draksha Kumarya Loha