Insozen-capsule (For Diabetes)


Approved by Dept. of Ayush (Govt. of India (India)

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INSOZEN Capsules

Each 500mg Capsules Contains

Trivang Bhasam (Compound Drug):
10 mg
20 mg
Jasat Bhasam (Compound Drug):
10 mg
Basantkusumakar Ras (Compound Drug):
10 mg
 Bangeshwar Ras(Compound Drug):

Extracts of:

Trigonella foenumgraecum linn(Methi beej):
65 mg
Syziglum cumini(Jambu beej):
65 mg
Azadirachta indica(Neem):
65 mg
Gymnoma sylvestre(Gudmar):
65 mg
Tinospora cordifolia(Giloy):
50 mg
Withania somnifera(Ashwagandha):
30 mg
Emblica officinalts(Amla):
100 mg

Approved Preservative Used.

Stimulates pancreas naturally. Helping Prevent diabetic retinopathy, Neuropathy,Nephropathy, allergic sensitizations & frequent infections. Cardio protective & neuro-tonic. Antioxidant, relieves physical & mental weakness. Maintains blood sugar level naturally. Absolutely safe even as an adjuvant therapy.
One Capsule twice a day ½ a hours before meals with lukewarm milk or as per directed by the physician.
To Be Taken under Medical Supervision.
Trivang Bhasam:
Used in treatment of diabetes urinary tract diseases mennorrhagia, control excessive urination in diabetes. It is best supplement for diabetes.
It is a very Effective herbal remedy for diabetes treatment. Maintains blood sugar level naturally. Ref. (Dr. Michal Hartman)
Jasat Bhasam:
Is a ayurvedic medicine prepared from Zinc. Is an extensively used ayurvedic medicine for treating diabetes mellitus. It is very useful in diabetic retinopathy. ( Ref. Department of Ophthalmology Institute of Sciences Banaras)
Basant kusumakar Ras:
It is used in treatment of diabetes diseases relative to urinary problems. Basant kusumakar Ras is very usefull in diabetes, diabetic carbuncle, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy and relives physical and mental weaknerss. It is very helpful in giving strength to heart and helps in lowering blood sugar levels.
B-bangeshwar Ras:
It is useful in spermatorrhoea, diabetic urinary diseases, also very useful in diabetic infertility.
Antioxidant, natural remedies for diabetes heart and respiratory diseases also it is very useful in cancer diseases natural remedies to keep your liver healthy.
Methi Seeds:
It is useful in type 2 diabetes effective in blood sugar and the serum lipid profile was evaluated in insulin dependent diabetic patients.
Jambu Seeds:
It is highly effective in controlling diabetes. The Seeds have anti diabetic properties
Purifies blood and controls pitta and cough.
Reduces blood sugar levels naturally. Its one of the key ingredients of all natural medications for diabetes.
Controlling blood sugar and improving the body’s ability to handle insulin properly. Ashwagandha may reduce the risks associated with diabetes.
Managing diabetes with natural treatments. It is very useful in type-2 Diabetes.

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