Thanks for your love & belief in us.

It’s our immense pleasure to celebrate The Dawn of 10th Successive Year…It’s all about taking a step back to refresh the memories of foundation of Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd. It was set up in 2008.

For more than 9 years, Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd.® has been providing high quality, affordable Ayurvedic medicines & FMCG products trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across geographies.

Business leaders Mr. Prakash Khalate & Mr. Shashikant Gulumkar joined their hands together with leading medical practitioner Dr. Ramesh Patil (M.D. Medicine) to build a marketing company.

Based on the five principles of Vision, Integrity, Opportunity, Freedom and Success, The Company has set it’s mission to built Healthy India by offering best Herbo-Nutritional products for Mankind alongwith Organic Agricultural Products & Organic Animal Health Products.

Millions of our satisfied customers are enjoying flexible and cost effective healthcare solutions. The ultimate goal of the company is to reach the market with world class ayurvedic & herbal products. The company manufactures most of its brand products with sister concern company RPS Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Dhanwantari has developed & launched Cow Colostrum capsules i.e. ImmuRich in 2008, which was first time in India. In a very short period of time ImmuRich has become India’s leading brand amongst all health care products. Started with just two products in 2008, Amazing product results along with marketing efforts, led the company to reach to 40 products, with a huge turnover leading towards 10 billion for the financial year 2017/18. The company has now set up its new targets to reach the market with a wide range of FMCG products internationally. Company distribute its products with its own network of distributors in all states of India. Product results has already gathered a database of more than 1 billion satisfied customers in India and this figure shows a remarkable growth with every new day.

Dr. Ramesh Patil Sir, Chairman of the company having a medical practice of 35 years is the backbone of outstanding product results. He himself leads the team of R&D department of the manufacturing. The product properties are truly unique & hard to copy. Mr. Prakash Khalate, one of the Director is taking care about product manufacturing & Mr. Shashikant Gulumkar, one of the Director is the key person for successful branding of the company.We have ground operations in India. We have covered all developed and emerging markets. The operations are exclusively guided by the company directors. Hardship of well qualified 150 employees working under directors’ guidance is a master key for company to lead towards success. Offering High Quality, We are a vertically integrated company that develops, manufactures and markets herbal medicines. We have a large portfolio of herbs that cover multiple dosage forms including tablets, capsules, granules, creams and liquids. In 2014, The Company has stepped into Organic agriculture products & now marketing its 7 Organic Farming products with a huge success rate across India with the banner of RPS. Recently we have started Vighnaharta banner for Nutritional Health Support. A stronger presence in these areas will add significant depth to the existing product pipeline.


Ayurveda the science of life – recommends ‘Dina Charya’ – a daily regimen for the health and wellness of every individual, and for the society.
Unfortunately, in this fast-paced life, we have lost the habit of following these practices.
We lose out on their health benefits leading to ill health which results in intake of medicines.
These remedies do not require much time or effort. All that is required is to include Ayurveda as a part of your diet or habit.
Even though these remedies look simple, their benefits are priceless.
Dhanwantari’s research on Ayurveda is focused on trying to find the magic bullet in regards to a particular disease resulting in a significant positive improvement in health.



Due to our stressful lifestyles, polluted environment, and over-medicated society, this generation must deal with more free radicals than any previous generation that has ever walked the face of the earth.
If you want to prevent oxidative stress, you need to have more antioxidants available along with their supporting nutrients than the number of free radicals you produce.
The number of free radicals you produce is not steady.
The only way you have a chance of preventing oxidative stress is by taking high quality, complete and balanced nutritional supplements.
Nutritional supplementation is not an alternative or substitute for traditional medical care, rather it helps to build up the body’s natural defenses.
We have introduced a wide range of nuttitional products to make your diet Balanced and Nutritional.


Cattle farming and Poultry farming have been most valued since ancient Indian Era. We must believe that use of chemicals & pesticides has to be disregarded to build a healthy India. Cattle / Poultry farming is a business enterprise established for the harvesting of animal products and milk mostly not only from cows or goats, but also from buffalo, sheep, horses or camels – for human consumption. While keeping an eye on commercial values, regeneration & healthy growth of animals in cattle fields is an important factor. Rate of regeneration is more in healthy animals, resulting in more milk production & more animal waste i.e. bio-fertilizer. Healthy feeding, provision of clean drinking water, cleanliness, routine maintenance are the important factors for maintaining good animal health.
We have introduced miraculous animal feed supplement CattleRich, a scientifically proven Tonic for all types of animals to naturaly improve the immune power system, their overall health, digestive system and animal diet.


With the beginning of the civilization, mankind had the magnetic dip towards impressing others with their looks. At the time, there were no fancy fairness creams or any cosmetic surgeries. The only thing they had was the knowledge of nature, compiled in ayurveda. With the science of ayurveda, several herbs and floras were used to make ayurvedic cosmetics that really worked. Ayurvedic cosmetics not only beautified the skin but acted as the shield against any kind of external affects for the body. Ayurvedic cosmetics have the same estimable assets in the modern era as well. The chemical-based product looks promising on your skin at first, but it is most likely damaging in the long run.
Ayurvedic Cosmetics are made from Natural ingredients like natural oils, plants, leaves, fruit extracts and fruit acids. Most natural products have powerful antioxidants that assist in slowing down the aging process and creating a younger looking skin.


The Golden Era Economy of India was completely dependent upon Agriculture Industry where Organic Farming was the master key for Indian Agriculture. As it was completely Traditional & based on Organic Fertilizers like compost manures, Agriculture soil was Nutrient Rich, the Quality & Quantity of yield was remarkable. 100- 150 Years back, Hazardous chemicals- Fertilizers & Pesticides entered Indian Agriculture Industry & The Scenario completely changed. For Indian Agriculture Industry & Indian Farmers Drastic Change is Required.
RPS 76 Granules: Rejuvenation of Agriculture Land By Using Natural Elements.
RPS RyzaeRich : Increases Soil Friendly Microbial Culture.
RPS 76 Liquid: Complete Organic food For Growing Plants.
RPS ImmunoRich : Natural Enhancement Of Plant Immunity.
RPS FloraRich: Enhance Flowering & Tremendous increase In the yields.