Personal hygiene has been part of human life since the early days of civilization. Many ancient cultures had elaborate codes of hygiene, many of which related to preparation for religious activities, the preparation of food, or the prevention of disease. Hygiene practices have varied greatly by culture and era. For example, public bathing facilities were popular in ancient Roman times, while in medieval Europe public bathhouses fell out of favor because of concerns about the spread of disease and immoral behavior.

The personal-care products industry aims to help people look better and feel better about themselves. It creates, manufactures, and sells personal-care, beauty, and hygiene products. Examples include cosmetics, toothpastes, sunscreen, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, soaps and other products for bathing, hair care products, skin care products, nail and cuticle care products, fitness products (such as specialized running shoes and supports and braces), and many other items. Products are sold in retail stores, door-to-door, by mail order, and online.

The personal-care industry is a massive field. Worldwide, it generates more than $250 billion in annual retail sales, according to the Personal Care Products Council, a trade association for the cosmetics and personal-care products industry that has more than 600 member companies. The personal-care industry is an important segment of our economy. People will always need hygiene products such as toothpaste and soap and cosmetics. 

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