The journey of Ayulabs began in the year 1981 with a vision to improve the quality of life by making herbal health care available for all mankind. Our endeavor is to meticulously research and formulate standardized product of the highest quality. we firmly believe that the customer is of paramount importance and therefore we place customer satisfaction as our supreme priority.

Over the years, Ayulabs established itself as one among the foremost national herbal healthcare company, recognized as a bastion of customer well-being with top quality products and services. Our vision is to conduct our business with integrity, honesty and transperancy and to create and maintain, best in class standard across all areas of work and to encourage mutual trust, respect and team work and develop customer focused systems and practices.

Consistent quality, the hallmark of Ayulabs earned us the GOLD MEDAL for outstanding quality Award from the institute of Enterpreneurship Development, New Delhi. We also have earned Vijay Ratna Award from India Institutional Friendship, New Delhi and National Gold Star Award from Indian Solidarity Council New Delhi. Three Award in a row within a single year speaks volumes of our Quality that has brought us recognition and Sucess. After tasting sucess in domestic market Ayulabs all set to explore the global Market.

Ayulabs with its several years of expertise, transforms the crude herb into a valuable contitient of a high quality product. The raw material and final product undergoes stringent approval tests on ultra modern sophisticated intruments before it is release in market.

That company firmly believes and has consistently practices good corporate governance which is reflected by our values such as transparency, professionalism and accountability. We are committed to enhance our corporate value by ensuring that all of our business activities are so carried out that we may achieve high credibility across the globe. For accomplishing this task Ayulabs Pvt Ltd led by two veterans “Mr. Kantibhai Patel” industrialist & “Mr. Hemantbhai Patel” Ayurved Ratna has established an innovative , state-of-the-art Herbaceutical Manufacturing Plant, in an open pollution free area, conforms to the standards recommended by WHO GMP. In Ayulabs Pvt. Ltd, manufacturing ayurvedic medicine is both an art and a science. Ayurlabs preserved the traditional art of manufacturing medicines & merged it with modern manufacturing techniques in the manufacturing process to produce authentic Ayurvedic formulation of superior quality.

Ayulabs manufactures over 40 ayurvedic preparations comprising 20 well studied, research based, branded patent medicine. Ayulabs came a long way, considerably widening its therapeutic base, offers a range of scientifically designed researched and clinically proven quality medicine and services for customer.

Our specialty in Skin care. gastroenterology, orthopedic, respiratory, urology, disbetology and gynecology segment. There are many new product which are being natured with tender loving care that promise to be in class. This involves continuous pain staking research of many hours under the guidance of practitioner for clinical studies, where the medical fraternity is struggling to find a care.

Urinary Problem, Stone in Bladder and Kidney
Criston Capsules
Urinary Problem, Stone in Bladder and Kidney
Criston Syrup
Bectefar Capsules
Psora Capsules