Ayurveda, Amulya herbs

Amulya Herbs is to bring back active Ayurveda in the most modern form to the lives of millions of people across the globe and work towards holistic healing of every individual.

Amulya Herbs is a single stop source of nature’s tried and tested solution to all health ailments in a scientific way. Our panels of doctors have long manufacturing experience of Herbal medicines and products.

Amulya Herbs single herbs are the extract of pure herbs. These herbs benefit one and all, irrespective of individual’s body constitution, metabolic function, health, age, sex or other factors. The rigorous tests conducted by our R & D team have made each of our product, extracted from these herbs, the right measure to give maximum health benefit to you.

Amulya Zaravin
Amulya Ceftrin
Amulya Wheat Grass
Amulya Vigour
Amulya Femizon
Amulya Tulsi
amulya ras
Amulya Ras
Amulya Joint Care