Rumafit Pain Oil


Rumafit pain oil :

Fast relief in muscular pain, swelling, inflammation and joint pain.

  • It works at joint inflammation
  • It improves mobility of joints

It reduce pain of joints


Rumafit Pain oil :

Each 10ml contains :

Myrica esculenta : 65mg
Withania somnifra : 65mg
Nardostechys jatamansi : 130mg
Saussurea Lappa : 65mg
Colchicum luteum : 130mg
Allium sativum ; 130mg
Curuma amada :  65mg
Zingiber officinale : 130mg
Papavar somnifurm : 65mg
Calastrus panniculatus : 130mg
Vitex negundo : 130mg
Cinnamomum camphora 65mg
Trachyspermum ammi : 32mg
Mentha spicata : 32mg
Gaultheria fargrantissima : 2.5ml
Terpentine oil : 2.5ml
Linumusit atissimum : 5ml

Direction for use :
Apply some drops as required on the effected area and massage gently. Then wrap it with cotton or crape bandage


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