Mission – Sanitary Pads

Mission of Akshi Foundation

Akshi Foundation Group is a group or community which is focused on the education, development and awareness of the Indian Women.

Our aim and vision is to help and create awareness around women and girls, help and encourage them so that they feels empowered and work towards their growth and happiness.

We have created this online community or group and a mission on Facebook where young girls and women can connect, interact with each other, educate, discuss and provide valuable information regarding each and every aspect they learn through any resource.

Since women are backbone of our nation and Akshi Foundation Group is here with a vision to create and educate each and every women regarding their health, their interest and knowledge and to make them self dependent.

The main mission and vision is regarding the Sanitary pads which are being used in the market are not safe and leading towards Cervical Cancer and lots of other Gynae related problems which ladies and girls are facing. We have also written a small article around this on our blog ” Shocking Fact around Sanitary Pads”. In our article we have mentioned and provided the awareness around the fact that the sanitary pads which are being used are not safe for our health.

Henceforth, in order to create and awareness around this, we have created a mission and a foundation to spread awareness regarding these sanitary pads. We are also letting them know the alternative solution for the same are bio-degradable pads which are safe for their health.

Women and girls can connect with us by joining our Group on Facebook :

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