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Motivational speaker, spiritual healer, philanthropist, performance coach, and yoga instructor – there are many hats that Nupur Tewari dons.


Nupur Tiwari was born in the Eastern State of West Bengal, she graduated in Tourism and Travel Management with top grades from the prestigious University of Calcutta. She owns the honour of working with international agencies across India and Japan, both. She is currently involved in her flagship philanthropy project – ‘Heal Tokyo’ which is helping kids across urban slums in India to go to schools. Nupur runs her Heal Tokyo project in Tokyo where she teaches Yoga across companies, public places, university campuses and international events, and also holds motivational sessions without charging the participants anything at various places in Japan.

Heal Tokyo is a socially motivated movement by Nupur Tewari focusing on the core problems of people in Japan and India. Education and work stress being the core problems of India and Japan respectively, Heal Tokyo is a unique way of addressing them at once. She is also a prominent training member of International Yoga Day events held across Japan.

Other significant activities:
Nupur has been Cultural Ambassador of India in Fukuoka for 14 years – from the year 2003 to 2017, before moving to Tokyo. She was also awarded the honour of being Yoga ambassador of International Yoga day in Japan. Her total stint in yoga teaching spans over 14 years. Nupur who has been associated with philanthropy activities in Japan and India, is seen with great respect as a modern social reformist by Indian Media that covered her events widely during her visit to India recently.