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Karina is a functional nutrition chef and founder of Botanical Kitchen; she is passionate about vibrant food, seasonality and the healing power of plants.

Over twenty years of experience as a private chef focusing on seasonal food, nutrition, and health, Karina has studied food, plant medicine and functional nutrition and pursued the art of practising food as medicine personally and professionally.

Botanical Kitchen is her dream and her vision of how she can help improve our relationship with food and farming for the betterment of our health.

Karina Hines is a total food nerd who trusts in the healing power of plants.
An Australian-born farmer’s daughter, Karina grew up in the kitchen and garden of her family’s farm in Drake, New South Wales, Australia. Her connection with the earth and its bounty has been with Karina from inception, greatly informing her cooking style as a chef and seasonal approach to food.

Over twenty years of experience as a private chef focusing on healthy food, Karina has a diverse knowledge of cooking with seasonal ingredients, plant nutrition and the relationship between the food we eat and how that can impact our health. Karina spent over a decade in Europe and the Mediterranean working as a chef in private homes and aboard sailing yachts before landing on US shores. She ran a private chef business in the Boston area for the past 8 years and taught classes with local businesses, farms, schools and plant-loving communities until recently moving to Portland, Maine.  

A lifetime student of food and plants, she is a herbalist and an avid gardener believing that good health begins in the soil and sustainable growing practices create flavour, nutrient density and biodiversity. Karina is a big believer in eating locally grown in-season food and advocates for regenerative agricultural practices like permaculture, organics, and biodynamics.  

For decades, Karina has been travelling, cooking, growing and learning through experience, compiling her encyclopedic knowledge of seasonal food, recipes, and how to cook well while accommodating many dietary needs. Botanical Kitchen was born out of Karina’s drive to share her knowledge, passion and energy to help people obtain vibrant health through food. Her practical and delicious philosophy for all: “Nourishing food is the best medicine”.